Our Services

Financial Planning – Our process is designed entirely around your financial plan. We strive to understand your goals. We look at your current and projected financial situation, your assets and liabilities, all to develop a customized plan to help you achieve the life and legacy you want.

Portfolio Management – Based on your financial plan we develop a customized investment strategy to align your investments to your financial plan. We actively manage investments to optimize market trends, minimize risk, and tax efficiency.

Cash Flow and Budgeting – Our budgeting methods look at your current and projected income along with your cash needs to offer you honest advice on your financial health. We work with you to come up with a cash flow that aligns with your lifestyle.

Tax Awareness – In coordination with your tax professional, our process involves tax efficient income and investment strategies. Our process looks at tax loss harvesting, Roth conversions, charitable gifting, and other methods to keep you in control of your tax picture.

Compensation Analysis – We help you understand the various compensation options available to you through your work. Deferred compensation, stock options, or restricted stock and how those various incomes affect your financial plan.

Insurance and Risk Management – We advise on your current policies and assess their affect on your overall financial health. We help determine if any additional coverage or changes may be impactful.

Collaboration and Coordination – We simplify your entire financial life by coordinating and collaborating with your attorney, CPA, or any other trusted professionals. Our goal is to preserve and enhance your wealth.